Adapting Logistic Industry In The New Normal Era

The Covid-19 pandemic occurred since early 2020 has a significant impact not only on the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs); but has also penetrating large industries, one of which is the logistic industry.

According to Secretary General of the Land Transport Organization (Organda) Ateng Aryono, logistic and transportation sectors are expected to decline of 50 to 60%. As a comparison, the whole year 2019 logistic sector grew by 5.45%, whereas in early 2020 only about 1.27%. The decline has led to increasingly challenging competition, so it is expected logistic businesses must immediately adjust their business models and prepare new strategies to be able to survive challenges occur in the new normal era at this time.

According to former CEO of PT Kereta Api Indonesia Ignasius Jonan, applying information technology digitalization will be highly effective and game changer for the business culture. Aligned with Mohamad Feriadi as Chairman of the Indonesian Express, Post and Logistics Shipping Services Association (Asperindo) stated that businesses must adapt quickly, estimating businesses will survive the impact of Covid-19 are ones that have extensive physical networks, good technology and the adapted business models.