How Fleet Management System Can Reduce Fleet’s Operational Cost

The era of e-commerce and digital transformation is inevitably growing rapidly, easing so much online transaction, proven by the rapid growth of users and total transaction value.


This phenomenon has enabled opportunities for business owners, especially micro, small, and medium business, as well as logistic companies to provide the last mile delivery for those businesses. For the logistic part, main challenges remain to be solved are maintaining the efficiency as well as on time delivery to increase customer’s satisfaction and lifetime value.


Webtrace as sustainable IoT solution provider, exists to help logistic companies, as well as other fleet owners such as public transportation services etc, to control and manage their fleets in real time by using IoT (Internet of Things) solution.


The solution provides remote capabilities such as monitoring trip progress to ensure on time delivery, alert of excessive idle time or reckless driving behavior that triggers fuel waste, be notified when there’s fuel/cargo theft or stop/park at unknown/unauthorized area, etc. All of which to help fleet owners/managers to optimize their fleet utilization as well as minimize hidden/unnecessary cost and convert to more profits.


Monitoring trip progress to ensure on time delivery, be notified with alerts if there’s emergency  state, or even viewing real time fuel level etc, can be done remotely whenever the fleet is on the go.


In the end, fleet owners/managers will never lose sight or data of their always on the go fleets.