IoT Solution to Improve Public Transportation Services

In order to improve the aspects of safety, comfort, and performance of public transportation services, our Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) has released mandatory regulation for public transportation companies to implement GPS tracking solution.


The regulation of Director General of Land Transportation Number: KP. 2081/AJ.801/DRJD/2019 applies to all public transportation in Indonesia, such as buses, trucks, taxis, and rental vehicles, with window time until August 2020 to equip their fleets with the tracking solution; whereas failing to comply will make their fleets subject to sanctions or operating licenses’ extension put on hold.


The regulation itself underlines that the implemented GPS tracking solution must have functions such as real time fleet monitoring through Google Maps, address location and Google Street View, information on the origin and destination, route, trip duration, speed limit warning, data asset management, driver management, travel data records of at least 7 working days, minimum vehicle fuel limits, and standby/idling activities; all under supervision of the Ministry of Transportation.


Webtrace as a IoT tracking solution provider is ready to support the solution implementation for public transportation services, not only to comply the regulation, but also focus on delivering problem solving solution to companies to improve their productivity and reduce unnecessary cost, to maximize the public transportation companies’ profits.