Covid-19 and "New Normal" : Opportunity and Profitability Path for Inland Logistic Companies

In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, the government releases regulation on social distancing and work from home that aims to break the virus transmission chain. 

This condition leads to new trend in Indonesian society, people become more utilizing technology in daily activities from studying, shopping to working. This has impacts on the e-commerce platform whose gross transaction value increased by 43% during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, as well as increases in online transactions reaching 400% and will continue in the current New Normal period. 

According to the Indonesian Express, Post and Logistics Delivery Service Association (Asperindo), logistics shipping has also increased by as much as 30% at this time. While the inland transportation is still the first choice to send goods at the moment, service quality such as on time delivery and minimum goods losses/damages must also be improved.

The use of technology which is currently increasing greatly and the ease of access to digital procedures can be utilized by the logistics sector to speed up the distribution process, while enabling them to monitor the fleets during delivery progress, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

Webtrace as sustainable IoT solution aims to help logistic practitioners improve their fleet’s productivity/utilization, reduce unnecessary/hidden cost, and thus increase their profits. This can be achieved by delivering IoT platform, integrating its in-fleet installed device, web base platform, and internet connectivity, which produces real time data and report insight, in one solution to deliver TIME and COST saving.

With packages starts from Rp. 40,000.00, Webtrace ensures logistic practitioners don’t have any entry barrier to implement the problem-solving solution such as trip progress, fuel/tires/cargo theft, fleet expenses verification etc, for their benefits.